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Clothing Orders

Final clothing orders have to be in my the end of tomorrow. If you didn't get yours in, please stop down at Sole Sports and get that order in.

Remember, the more items we have on order means the lower our overall cost.

Special thanks to:

Rich literally saved me today. For those 48 of you who showed up for spin class, he's the Angel I introduced to all of you. After a root canal I still had the energy to come and scream at all of you maniacs. Please support Rich as he's one of our sponsors to help reduce our overall clothing costs. Just one more reason to support him! Thank you so much Rich.

Here is our uniform design, remember that we need to add our current sponsors so disregard the ones listed. Also, if you know anyone wanting to sponsor and get on the uniform have them contact me immediately. I need to finalize within a week. Helps reduce our overall costs on the clothes.

Looks like we need to place the order within a couple of weeks to meet our Nathan, Soma and IMAZ deadline for shipping. They require a 50% deposit and balance before it ships 4 - 6 weeks later. Start saving your pennies for the order. I sure would love to see many of you sport the new clothing but you also know how I feel about each of you representing your own club or team. As I've stated and want to make VERY clear, this does not mean that I'm straying away from the Landis Tri Club. That could not be farther from the truth. What it does mean is I take my business very serious, along with all of my athletes. This is my way of being proud to show you off and in return you help promote more business for Excel & Beyond. I still plan to wear my colors (Landis Tri Club) for years to come. I will again be a title sponsor for the 2010 season. I will again serve on the board of the Landis Tri Club for 2010. This is not a separation but rather an addition to the best club in AZ! Sorry Shannon ;) Wear our colors proud, they represent you as most of you gave me great feedback with the design. These clothes are what we designed as a group! Be proud of your hard work, your results and your determination to succeed. That's what Excel & Beyond Coaching is here for!

Speaking of the Landis Tri Club, if you have not signed up for the club yet, get on it. For the small dues it provides incredible benefits; monthly guest speakers and giveaways, monthly and weekly training rides. Group support swims at lakes and Tour De Brad Mt Lemmon hill climb to name a few. Do not miss it!

Last, don't miss this opportunity as we most likely will not place another order for another 12 months!

We have the fit kit at Sole Sports. Confirm sizing. Items to order include: Cycling shorts, bibs, jersey (sleeve or sleeveless, vests, jacket, skin-suit. Triathlon will be tri top, shorts, tri-suit. Running will be shorts, singlet and tech top. They also have many more items but remember we have to have minimums met.
Sole Sports

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Tribe Multisport

Courage 63 Project

Chandler MMA

Xterra Wetsuits

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