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Red Rock and Nathans, PBR and Soma

We were all so sad to hear about the Tempe Town Lake mess. Regardless, we need to make a few points very clear. This is by no means Red Rocks fault. This is mother nature at work. That simple. We're asking for all of you to support Red Rock through this difficult time. You think you all have it bad because you cant swim? Try being the number one promoter in AZ and having to change 3 of the biggest events here. Lets all support them now when they need us most. They lost a major event in June in Flagstaff due to the fire so they were forced to cancel that event. Now this ordeal with Tempe Town Lake. They need ALL of us.

Yes, they announced that all the events will be duathlons now. They have NO choice. Look at it on the positive side, most of us need to work on that run strength off the bike, what better way to see how we stack up without the swim. I know I like it ;) They have also been more than fair with offering athletes to extend entry to next year, but really now, we all trained through 115 degrees to race this fall. Go race. Go support our great guys at Red Rock. We need them more than they need us! Without them, we have another 1/2 rate promoter try to host another event which as most of you know, turn into one big disaster.

Put that ego aside, that swim strength aside and support our premier race promoter here in AZ. They need us.
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