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"Tim, thank you for being out there every Wednesday AM and coaching us. I look forward to the great work out every week and am never disappointed. I can feel the positive effects on my races and long runs mentally and physically."
-Melissa Williams

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Services & Plans

  • Beginning conditioning
  • Goal setting
  • Form evaluation and recommendations
  • Group training
  • Month-to-month personalized schedules
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Athlete Results

Excel & Beyond atheles cover the entire spectrum - from speedy twenty-something to hard-working 40-year-old moms.
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As a former collegiate runner, former professional triathlete and father of twins, Tim knows his training, racing and balancing a hectic life schedules.
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With a background in cross-country, Brian has been racing competively in triathlon for many years. Brian has experience with all distances, from sprint through Ironman.
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Excel & Beyond Coaching Statistics

The following statistics have been recently researched and compiled for coaching success and failures. Knowing these statistics guides and motivates me as a coach become more aware of my surroundings, business, competition, and education. I hope that you find it as interesting as I do. All results end on Dec 31st, 2009. No 2010 statistics are included.

  • Total athletes coached individually since 2005-2009: 189
  • Total athletes coached from out of state per year: 4
  • Total number of Ironman athletes coached since 2005: 136
  • Total Ironman finish record: 119 out of 122 = 94.5%
  • Total number of Races Excel Athletes attended since 2005: 760
  • The year Excel & Beyond Coaching began full-time: 2009
  • The first year Tim started Triathlon: 1984 or 26 years ago!
  • Percentage of first time Ironman athletes coached per year: 56%
  • Total number of Marathon Runners coached individually since 2005: 69
  • Total number of Marathons completed since 2005: 153
  • Total number of athletes who Qualified for Boston Marathon since 2005: 28 out of 36 attempts = 78%
  • Number of athletes who have competed in Nationals or World Championship events since 2005: 19 (7 in 2009)
  • Largest weight loss = 65 lbs in one year.
  • Total number of Chances for Children Marathon Runner finishes in 3 years coached by Excel & Beyond = 297 out of 297 starts! Tempe Team only in 2009 had 110 runners alone and 100% finish rate!
  • Fastest upgrade for USCF Road Cyclist went from Cat 4 to Cat 1 in one season!
  • Total number of Excel athletes who competed in Endurance Mountain Bike events since 2007: 51
  • Total number of top 10 overall finishes with Excel & Beyond athletes thru 2009 = 58!
  • Total number of OVERALL Wins since 2005: 13
  • Total number of Top 3 in Age Groups/category = 93
  • Largest Personal Record off the Ironman Distance = 2+ Hours by 4 different athletes.
  • Largest Personal Record for the marathon: 40 minute!
  • Number of Events and Support rides and runs hosted by Excel & Beyond since 2005 = 36
  • Number of races attented for support of athletes since 2005 = 82
  • Average duration an athlete uses coaching service: 13 months.
  • Longest standing athlete currently: 4 years, 4 months. Still setting new PR's!
  • Fastest Time posted by a male Excel athlete at a Ironman race: 9:50 in 2009. 2 Males 10:05 and under.
  • Fastest Time posted by a female Excel athlete at a Ironman race: 10:45 in 2009, 3 females all under 11:30!
  • Quickest Ironman! Jeff Nettleton began in March where he couldnt swim one length of the pool. Never raced in a triathlon. He competed in several sprints, Soma 1/2 and finally Ironman AZ last year! Beginner to Ironman athlete in 8 months.
  • Olympic Trials 2000, 16th in the 40K Time Trial
Results and statistics are based on athletes race results locally and nationally, feedback from the athletes, listed income and expenses for tax purposes and records. Documenting prime objectives i.e. Success with Ironman finish rate.
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